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Colombo brand profile
       COLOMBO DESIGN, the meaning of Colombo design, belongs to Colombo, Italy. The company was founded in 1990 in Terno di Sola in northern Italy. It is a family-owned company specializing in the manufacture of door handles and bathroom accessories. For more than 20 years, the Colombo brand's full line of products has spread all over the world, and its high-quality workmanship, simple and stylish design has been loved by users all over the world. Whether you are in New York, Paris, Dubai or Hong Kong, Beijing, or Shangri-La, Four Seasons Hotel, or CCTV Building, Bank of China Tower, Colombo products have been deeply integrated into our lives. The core competencies of the Colombo brand in Colombo are summarized in three areas: green manufacturing, leading design, and technological quality.

Green manufacturing

       The top three cores of Colombo are green manufacturing, and green manufacturing puts environmental protection first. Today, with a high degree of environmental protection, the products produced by environmentally-friendly materials and processes have been closely related to our lives. Colombo's environmental philosophy runs from design to production, from materials to finished products, from management to process, from start to finish. Colombo has always believed that only qualified materials and environmentally friendly processes can produce healthy and green products. Because Colombo's products are intimately in our daily lives. Colombo has the EU's ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, which is enough to show that green manufacturing is the value of high-end hardware.

Leading design

       Adhering to the design concept of green, quality life and caring, Colombo designers will consider being close to life at the beginning of design. Whether it is a man, a woman or a child, Colombo's products will pass care to every member of the family along with the extension of space and the experience of life. It is such values and traditions that make families anywhere that have never accepted any compromise in quality and function.
       To satisfy people's perceptual, instinctive and rational needs of the space environment in a simple expression, this is the popular design style of the international community today - simple and simple minimalism. The modern people's fast-paced, high-frequency, full-load, has made people unacceptable. In this increasingly busy life, people are eager to get a space that can completely relax, adjust the spirit of transformation with simplicity and purity. This is the ambiguity, complexity, and pursuit of simplicity that people generate under the control of complementary consciousness. Natural psychology. Simplicity is not simple. Simplicity is the essence of continuous combination and selection of good quality. It is a popular expression of the shape of objects, which is a highly concentrated and highly generalized abstract form. Simplicity is not a lack of design elements, it is a higher level of creative realm. In terms of interior design, it is not necessary to abandon the rules and simplicity of the original building space, and to arbitrarily decorate the building carrier. Rather, it emphasizes functions more in design, emphasizes the integrity of structure and form, and pursues the depth and precision of materials, technology, and space. It is the highest level of design art, with simple and exquisite brushstrokes to depict the most rich and moving spatial effects, in the context of satisfying the functional needs, with reasonable and exquisite combination of space, people and things. The simple and elegant shape, exquisite lines, comfortable feel, and interesting creativity are all inseparable from the careful design of the Colombo designer team. A team of great designers brings together many of the world's best designers. In the process of creation, many classic works have been developed, and many works have won the world design award.
       Colombo's strong team of designers is also one of the core of the Colombo brand, which includes Michele De Lucchi of Italy, Konstantin Grcic of Germany, and Japan. World famous designers such as Tomo Kimura, Jean Marie Massaud of France, and Jasper Morrison of England.

Technology quality

       Colombo's technological quality is ubiquitous. Perfect physical vapor deposition (PVD) combined with Colombo's unique surface high protection (HPS) technology ensures the product's original high polished appearance, long-lasting color assurance, and enhanced product atmosphere. Environmental oxidation resistance and wear resistance. Products with a 30-year warranty mark in the package are guaranteed for more than 30 years. Colombo's chrome-plated products are also at the forefront of the industry, with chrome-plated products with a 10-year warranty mark in the package to ensure that the product can be used for more than 10 years. The 6mm ultra-thin handle hood design is also unique, making the installation of the product more convenient and faster. The large number of applications of intelligent robots has brought Colombo's industrial automation to a higher level. Both the quality stability of the products and the yield rate have solid technical guarantees.
       Europe's strict quality standards are also one of the reasons why people like to import products. Colombo has the EU quality management system certification UNIEN ISO 9001-2008, the EU environmental quality management system certification UNIEN ISO 14001-2004, the EU standard certification UNIEN 1906-2012, the EU fire certification UNEN 1634-2ED2009, etc., there are many certifications are not the same An enumeration.

Colombo global case

       Colombo's products are available to a wide range of users around the world, and many well-known architectural projects have selected Colombo-branded products, whether they are door locks or bathroom products. These include the Milan City Hall in Italy, the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, the Atlantis Hotel in the United Arab Emirates, the St. George's Wharf Tower in London, the Shangri-La Hotel in the world, and the Four Seasons Hotels in the world.

Brand selling point

       Design: depending on the length of time and love of the customer in front of the exhibits, grasp the timing, just right to design this lock is what the designer is designed, and some related stories will be enriched into the sales process, making sales become vivid, At the same time, it can increase brand added value.
       Plating: Colombo products have a warranty period inside the box. We can describe the durability of the product according to the warranty period. We don't need to exaggerate the warranty period of the product. I think the actual warranty period of normal use is as long as it is used. Inform the customer that it is necessary to meet the customer's needs.
Environmental protection: Consumers of high-end hardware have a higher awareness of environmental protection and health than ordinary consumers.
       Case: There are many well-known cases around the world, which shows that the Colombo brand is the preferred brand for high-end customers of modern modern decoration.
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